Corporate Site of Quantico Communications

Centre for Communication + Information Literacy

Advancing communication and information literacy in Southeast Asia through training and publications

Workshops + Courses

Quantico CCIL conducts workshops and courses on copywriting, content marketing, and branded storytelling. We are a learning resource for local and regional organisations — helping teams solve the challenges facing connected communities in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Content Marketing Microsite

This flagship course teaches content strategists across Southeast Asia how to make brands and consumers get along nicely in digital playgrounds by connecting people through social experiences. Training focuses on regional content issues that affect local organisations and audiences.

Qrowd Community Resources

Qrowd is a growing repository of lifelong learning resources and ideas that are generated, taught, and researched at the Centre for Communication + Information Literacy. Our focus is on delivering relevant and sustained support to participants at the post-workshop stage.

Copywriting Agency Singapore

Quantico Copywriting Agency Singapore builds seamless read-to-action experiences for local and regional clients. Every copywriting project integrates with and benefits from cutting-edge insights delivered by our workshops, research, and publications.