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Tenders and Proposals

We have A Winner

Tenders and proposals require competitive writing. In Singapore tenders are de rigueur when conducting business with the government and quasi-government organizations, as are proposals when conducting business with potential clients. Tendering and pitching for contracts is a strategy in which the winner:
1. is noticed as the best in that particular field
2. is acknowledged as a provider of value

Winning a tender or pitch requires solid communication, and a great personality as an accompaniment. Almost everyone writes a tender or a proposal. Not too many copywrite. Copywriting is writing communication that sells. A tender or proposal is a sales pitch. It is impossible to separate the two.

Copywriting a tender or proposal means writing for the audience, not for the tenderer or pitching entity. The tenderer may feel that the pitch is perfect, but if the client does not agree business is lost. TO get it right, pitches and tender documents are written for the target reader. Anticipating and answering a client’s questions before they are asked is the hallmark of a great tender and proposal. Such anticipation establishes credibility by aligning the tenderer’s insights with the client’s expectations. Writing tenders and proposals are common.

Copywriting a tender or proposal is a specialist task. Copywriting is always about accuracy, style, and authenticity. And these qualities particularly shine through in a tender or proposal.