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Speech Writing

That Says It All

Speeches have been around since human beings discovered they had vocal chords. While delivery and presentation count for a large part of a speech’s effectiveness, it’s the words that land a standing ovation or a suppressed inner grunt of disapproval. A speech is exactly what it is - speech. It’s talking. This is precisely the reason copywriting a speech is different from copywriting for other mediums.

Talking has its own set of rules owing to the differences between how our brains process auditory communication and visual communication. Tone of voice, pace, projection, and inflection are controlled by the speaker and not by readers, who can determine these factors internally. Experienced speech writers know how to copywrite a speech that works off these factors so that there is no communication disparity, or plain boredom. A speech writer takes careful note of the speech’s meaning, and integrates key words with tone, pace, and projection, to express this meaning clearly.

A good speech is one in which the audience may or may not agree with the meaning but are absolutely clear about the communication the speakers wants to convey.