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Social Media

I Like This Tweet

A tweet, a status update, a post, a lens - it’s all good; except when it’s not. The prevalence of social media is undeniable and every entity imaginable, from governments and academic institutions, to corporations and individuals, is on these platforms, furiously creating content on an unimaginable scale.

Think about this: there’s been more content creation in the last fifty years than there has been in the entire time that human beings have been on this planet, combined. Wow! And with so much content being added, it’s easy to see that content on social media platforms is not created equally.

If you’re going to put content out there, might as well optimize it for social engagement. Social media copywriters know exactly how to make content immediately appealing to the world. And what a world it is. The amount of content appears to be inversely proportional to attention spans. That means we have mere seconds to create connections or get swallowed by the tidal waves of tweets and updates. Speaking of tweets, Twitter only allows 160 characters per tweet. That’s the size of text message. A good social media copywriter knows that quantity is irrelevant.

Writing for social media requires a unique skills set in which everything comes down to to characters - letters of the alphabet, if you will - and every character is specifically chosen to create words that build instant engagement. It’s a balancing act between providing rich, insightful content through limited words, in order to build unlimited connections. So make friends with a good social media copywriter.