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Wikipedia Articles

Copywriting Wikipedia Articles

Copywriting for social media is an integral part of an individual’s or organization’s web presence. Creating interesting and buzz-worthy content is not just a matter of finding the right topic, but also utilizing the best writing style and structure to carry the content through. Wikipedia is one of the more powerful but often-overlooked tools of a copywriter for social media.

It provides a platform for copywriters to create awareness of an organization, brand, individual, or product, but must be used in an appropriate manner. The draw of Wikipedia is its functionality - anyone can write an article on Wikipedia for any topic - example: Copywriting Singapore, Ford Fast Cars, NASA's Space Quest - and it will be published for the entire web to read. This creates tremendous potential for promotion and publicity.

However, many copywriters make basic mistakes when writing Wikipedia articles. A simple test is this - search for a Wikipedia article about a very well-known personality. Then, search for a Wikipedia article about a lesser-known personality - for example, a local celebrity in your hometown.

Chances are, the article about the lesser-known personality has been written by a copywriter working to publicize the individual - and the article will very likely contain obvious publicity material. However, articles about better-known personalities are often written by writers who do not have any stake in the individual’s publicity.

When writing a Wikipedia article, the copywriter must ensure that the copywriting is objective and precise. It is essential that the highlights of the brand, individual, or organization are presented in a way that is neutral, and that every fact contains a citation.

Simply listing an individual’s accomplishments or the range of products a company has created will lead to the article being flagged as neutrality-disputed, or requiring cleanup because it does not meet Wikipedia’s standards.

This means that the article - no matter how much effort has gone into the copywriting - will be perceived as less credible.

It is very important for the copywriter to use suitable references when writing a Wikipedia article. This can seem daunting when there is very little information available about the subject-matter.

However, with skill, the copywriter will be able to derive more information from each reference, and use it to generate more effective content for the article. Conflict of interest is a major issue when writing an article for Wikipedia. Because a copywriter may be commissioned by an individual or organization to write a Wikipedia article, it is likely that the copywriting may be biased. For this reason, it is very important to identify and remove bias from any Wikipedia article.

This can be achieved through a number of steps. First, the copywriter should scan the article to identify promotional language that highlights the benefits of the organization or individual.

Such language should be replaced by neutral words and phrases. Secondly, the copywriter should change lists of benefits or achievements to a chronological order of events that presents an objective history of the individual, organization, or brand.

Wikipedia itself has several resources and message boards available to copywriters who need help with its guidelines and standards.

The benefit of Wikipedia’s openness is that copywriters gain a clear insight into what is necessary for writing an acceptable entry.

Finally, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia - which means that the writing should be of excellent quality. It pays to check and double-check grammar, spelling, and punctuation; as well as to proofread for any mistakes and formatting issues.

When used appropriately, Wikipedia can be a powerful social media tool for raising awareness of issues and topics - and can demonstrate how influential copywriting is.

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