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Copywriting in Singapore

Copywriting in Singapore

Copywriting is everything you read. A great piece of copy can be all that stands between good and great. Copywriting is culture-specific. Singapore has a unique culture that copywriters must embrace if they are to please the crowd, and their clients. Singapore affords ample opportunity to anyone willing to work hard and create something great.

By the time Quantico picked up momentum, we were already writing copy for clients in many countries, Singapore included. What struck us most about Singapore was the ease at which communication flows. With four distinct languages, Singapore is constantly grappling with the subtleties and nuances that affect language, and English is no exception. Yet the efficiency with which communication travels is unparalleled. It was this flow of efficiency that piqued our interest. When we set about creating Quantico, we decided to create a copywriting platform that could match this efficiency with the quality required to make every piece of communication outstanding.

Our success is no secret — it's an insight into how copywriting in Singapore works. It's a cultural perspective that we've shared here. Copywriting itself is an interesting occupation. Unlike medicine or law, no accreditation or special permission is required to become a copywriter. In Singapore, where the business climate is favorable to almost anyone willing to engage in enterprise, copywriting seems like an easy option. It pays well, and there are virtually no barriers to entry. And yet clients are often disappointed with their appointed copywriters' work.

This is because copywriting is an art unto itself. There may not be regulatory commissions overseeing the licensing of copywriters, and this is precisely what makes it more difficult to establish a copywriting presence. With the absence of such licensing, the quality of copy becomes the yardstick to measure success. The copywriting industry in Singapore, as in most places, is self-regulating.Great copywriters attract great businesses and Singapore being a close-knit business community shares this information rapidly. Self-regulation is perhaps the best way to determine which copywriters are worth their prices. Of course there is a downside to self-regulation. There is no official list for businesses to consult when searching for copywriting in Singapore.

Word-of-mouth is usually the preferred choice, followed by Google searches involving: Professional Copywriting Singapore. Most organizations find copywriting services in Singapore in this fashion. But most will not maintain their relationships with copywriters in this fashion. Like all good businesses — copywriting is no exception — copywriting agencies that consistently deliver great quality are always in demand. This is no secret.

But what constitute great quality? Quality itself is partly subjective, and is determined largely by culture and society. Singapore has a unique culture and copywriting as an industry has to morph to meet these requirements. At Quantico, we made it a point to do away with quality-standards that we had applied in other countries, simply because what works perfectly in Australia may not work perfectly in Singapore. Take grammar for example.

The rules of grammar are applicable in any English-speaking culture and must be consistently applied regardless of nuances in English. But an idea expressed in one country may not be feasible in another. Copywriting is a combination of great ideas expressed in perfect language. What's perfect differs from culture to culture and that is what great copywriters always take into account.

Take the example of the Chevy Nova. No doubt a strongly-qualified copywriting team took pains to make the name sound great. And it did sound great in the United States. Then it came to Europe, particularly Spain, where the Chevy Nova met with a language barrier.

Nova in Spanish literally means 'won't go'; not the best phrase for a car. The copy was great and the rules of grammar were equally applicable in both continents. But the meaning was totally different.

Great copy requires a sound cultural knowledge in addition to language proficiency and creativity. A great copywriter balances all three in perfect harmony to create great copy. Singapore is a multi-lingual country.

Each language has its own nuances. The complexity of communication increases when one residing in Singapore quickly learns that each language spills distinctly into another to create a whole new sub-culture. We were excited about these hybrids. It's what got us to Singapore's copywriting scene. All copywriters at Quantico are trained not just in language but communication, media and culture. Being in a multi-lingual country like Singapore requires multi-disciplined copywriters that can gauge the pulse of a dynamic communication system.

Our senior copywriter is a trained musician. This training has proved an invaluable asset when creating great copy. Our secret was not aggressive marketing or Google ad words. We've not done either, ever. In fact, we only just put up our Facebook page. Instead we presented our understanding of Singapore's unique communication system to our clients and they liked what they saw.

Copywriting in Singapore requires great creativity, great cultural insight, and great linguistic skills. We've put up some of these on our Facebook page. Continue the conversation there.

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