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Copywriting Blogs

Copywriting Blogs

Many companies in Singapore and in other countries now include blogs as an essential part of their online marketing strategy. Brand blogs are a great way to engage with audiences and maintain good relationships with customers.

Copywriters are often tasked with the responsibility of managing a blog and keeping it lively and interesting - both to attract new customers, and to retain current ones. Copywriting for a blog need not be a difficult task. The most important consideration is to make your writing scan-worthy.

Online audiences don’t often have a lot of time to devote to reading something. So if they see that your blog is too wordy or that the sentences are too unwieldy, they’ll just click on the next link, especially in internet-advanced cultures like Singapore.

Ensure that whatever you have written can be easily scanned and read in a few seconds. Copywriting for blogs also means that your blog post lengths should vary.

A long post of about 300-400 words should be interspersed with shorter posts of 100-200 words. A general rule of thumb is to write one long post for every 4 short posts.

How often a copywriter should post to the brand’s blog is another important question. About 5 posts a week is normally acceptable - that means one long post and 4 short posts every week.

Making your content interesting to audiences is another concern for copywriters who blog for their companies. Think of what your customers would be interested in. You can do this by engaging with other kinds of social media.

For example, you could do a Twitter search on key words relating to your company and see what people are talking about. Facebook can be a useful tool as well. Recent studies have shown that Singapore has one of the highest Facebook usage statistics in the world - so copywriters who blog can use this to their advantage when copywriting for the Singapore market. Research your company’s Facebook page, or the Facebook pages of your competitors and other similar products.

What are people talking about? What are their concerns? Use this information to write blog posts on your blog.

Copywriters writing for blogs also often worry that their writing may not be interesting enough or lacking engagement.

Some sure tips on making your blog posts more interesting are using lists, using videos or images, and answering questions. Copywriters should always approach blogging from a reader’s point of view, asking themselves whether they would be interested in reading a post like this. Even though blogs are a less formal form of speaking to your customers, they are still part of your company’s official marketing strategy.

This means that the tone of your blog should match your company’s tone. Copywriters need to identify the tone of the company - is it fun, credible, youthful, luxurious? Then, ensure that the blog posts are in line with the company’s tone of voice. This consistency helps to maintain trust and authenticity.

Blogging is a great way to attract new customers and to maintain a link with your existing customers. Copywriters can make their blogs shine by using these tips and blogging consistently and authentically.

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