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Copywriting for website and digital content has its own requirements. Singapore is rife with websites of every variety imaginable. And while Singapore is considered technologically advanced in many ways, the consideration brings plenty of dilemmas to the best method of copywriting for websites and digital content.Copywriting for websites comes with its own unique set of considerations. The first consideration is space, which is also an issue in traditional media copywriting, but much more important in websites and digital content. Significantly fewer words have to perform the same job as that of a printed brochure or catalog. What’s more, these words are presented within a confined space no larger than a handkerchief. Consequently, selection of keywords is a more ruthless process demanding higher levels of efficiency.

To add another dimension to this process is search engine optimization (SEO). Whatever words a website copywriter chooses, the copy itself must satisfy two very important sets of audiences. First are the people who will read these texts and decide how to engage or reject the copy’s call to action (people residing or doing in business in Singapore, in this example). If this audience is not engaging the entire point of the copy is lost. Second are the search engine robots who will read these texts and decide how relevant they are to what people are searching for, and rank them accordingly. Statistically, most people using Google, Yahoo!, or Bing will not go beyond the second page of search results. If a site is ranking at number seventy two in a Google search (that is second on page 7) that site has little to no chance of creating awareness, much less audience engagement. If no one knows about a site it may as well not have been written. Believe it or not the two sets of audiences are actually interrelated on many levels. And here’s where it gets interesting.

Sites that are ranked high by search engine robots obviously enjoy greater clicks from people – the first audience set. But it is the first audience set – the people – who are responsible for the robots ranking websites high or low. Search engines are highly evolved programs that run on algorithms almost as dynamic as human behavior itself. These algorithms are created by Google, Yahoo!, Bing and the other top-notch search engine providers specifically to emulate people’s interest in particular topics they are searching for. And almost like people, search engine robots are pretty good at weeding out spam or irrelevant content. A search for ‘brand agency Singapore’ from Google Singapore will yield different rankings from an identical search conducted in Malaysia or Australia. Search engine robots are geo-specific and they are very good at delivering what people are looking for.

They deliver their results in two ways. One way is by looking at keyword density (how many keywords in an article) and then deciding whether the content is bona fide, relevant, and worth ranking high. Equally important is the second way these robots work. They measure the amount of natural clicks (people genuinely interested in the content) and accordingly adjust the rankings. That is why articles that have been popular for a while but are no longer getting that many clicks will eventually go down in rankings. Website copywriting is a specialist skill that balances the prime purpose of copywriting (to engage audiences and compel them to action) with the inherent knowledge of excellent SEO practices. Keeping both people and robots happy is the key to successful website and digital copywriting. It’s best to keep content naturally flowing when writing for websites. It is also critical that website copywriters write for the first audience set while keeping in mind the robots. From experience, the best combination is 85 : 15 in favor of people. The robots are geared to look for natural, organic content and its the people who decide what that is. In other words, keep it authentic and the results will come.

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