Copywriting Tips: Overcoming Writers’ Block

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Writer’s Block is a dreaded syndrome that creeps up on even the greatest writers. No writer has escaped it and it’s an inevitability that every single copywriter or author will have to experience.

Margaret Atwood, acclaimed author of The Handmaid’s Tale , once famously declared, “If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” While the concept can make writers uneasy, it’s a necessary habit to develop as a writer.

Writer’s Block can manifest in several forms. You could be staring at the blank screen or page for several minutes – or hours – with nothing coming to mind. Or you could be writing furiously, but deleting every paragraph soon after you’ve written it because it’s just ‘not good enough’.

Copywriters in Singapore often face this problem, especially since 24-hour turnarounds for website copywriting and freelance copywriting are common in Singapore.

Fortunately, solutions to this affliction abound, and there are a few simple things that copywriters can do to overcome Writers’ Block.

1. Freewrite.
Freewriting is an exercise san pareil for forcing ideas out of your brain, and onto the paper (or computer screen). Here’s how you do it: Set an alarm to sound in five minutes, then put all clocks out of view. Write continuously without pausing at all until the alarm sounds. When you’re writing, don’t worry about whether it’s good or not, don’t stop if you’ve made a mistake, and don’t stop to think. Just keep the words flowing constantly. When the alarm sounds, stop immediately.

2. Do a mindless, mechanical activity.
Something completely mechanical such as doodling, tidying your desk, baking bread , or going for a walk helps to kickstart your brain. Let your internal monolog take over as you perform the activity. Don’t stop any thoughts, words, or ideas – simply observe them as they come along. Don’t stop to write anything down, either – just let the thoughts float hazily past you. After a while, return to your copywriting project and jot down everything that you can think of.

3. Make an inspiration board.
Forget about putting your ideas in words. Search online for images of people, places, or objects that reflect the message that you’re trying to portray. Our favorite sites for images are Pinterest, Flickr, and Google. A digital inspiration board works great, but a physical one is even better. Start with a large piece of paper, and cut and paste pictures from magazines, or use textures and materials such as cotton wool, aluminum foil, or plant materials to create the mood. Write words, phrases, and ideas wherever they seem to fit. Play music that suits the mood, and use typefaces and colors that go with your ideas. This will help to freshen your writing and you might even think of something completely new.

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