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Welcome to Quantico

Quantico Copywriting is a startup from a handful of experienced web and traditional media copywriters dedicated to creating rich communication experiences. We are strong believers in producing work that expresses and impresses. Located in Singapore, the agency provides web and traditional copywriting, editorial services, research, and creative direction to organizations who want to supercharge their communication. We're a team of people who care a lot about this stuff. Quantico's copywriters, editors, and designers create copywriting pieces that meet two key requirements: to fire up the imagination of target audiences, and to distil communication to its finest form across web, digital, and traditional media.

Quantico Story

What Is The Quantico Story?

Quantico Copywriting is a professional copywriting firm located in Singapore. Quantico's work literally says everything about the firm and its clients. Quantico copywriters are great with insights, skills, and the ability to conceptualize words and visuals together to create phenomenal copy. English is the prime medium for communication. But Quantico copywriters also know that English is experienced differently depending on location, culture, and society.

Over the years Quantico copywriters have worked on an extensive array of projects across across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, India, and China. Each experience tempers the firm's work with greater insight and maturity that is reflected in the work that Quantico produces.
Quantico is made up of very talented copywriters. And equally skilled conceptualizers. Fully cognizant that copy by itself is meaningless unless put into context, the firm acquires comprehensive insight into the cultures and societies before preparing any work. This effort is the principal reason why Quantico gets praise for its work, and referrals from existing clients. Quantico is always shooting to be the best copywriting firm, but its copywriters never believe that they are already there.

Improvement is as constant as change, and the firm prioritizes innovation as much as fun, intelligence, and expertise. Quantico copywriters are motivated by these qualities, and these in turn motivate the firm's clients to create phenomenal communication pieces for their customers.
The kind of work Quantico is asked to create shapes and defines the firm's thinking. That is why Quantico is as particular as you are when picking whom to work with.

Because when Quantico copywriters are working, that is the time you will find the firm most excited. And when there is genuine excitement, great things happen.

How was Quantico created?

Quantico is the realization of a ten-year old dream. Founders Deepa Vijayan and Arjun Khara started working on the concept back in 2001, during their university days. Of paramount importance was communication and its implementation across societies.

The importance of language and its place in human civilization sparked the desire to create an entity that specialized only in written and spoken communication. This led to a project in Adelaide, Australia which gave Deepa and Arjun the opportunity to test their theories and expertise.

The success of their project earned them high distinctions in the their communications degrees, and cemented their resolve to start a firm which focused on communication and its impact on human development.
Deepa and Arjun moved to Singapore in 2005 where they started Blue Wisdom LLP, a brand agency. A Google Search on 'brand agency Singapore' ranks Blue Wisdom first, and second, — a testimony to the power of copywriting's strategic influence on search engine optimization.

While Blue Wisdom focused on branding in its entirety, special importance was given to the copywriting arm, which was internally titled Sagacity.

Till 2012, Sagacity had its own website, independent of Blue Wisdom. The success of Sagacity logically prompted the creation of a second, separate organization that was dedicated to copywriting, and securing the best copywriters in Singapore and the region. The result is Quantico Copywriting.
In 2012, Arjun and Deepa published 'A Brand In My Pocket' a book dedicated to personal branding and its inherent relationship with language and how words can instil actual, measureable change within human beings.

At Quantico, copywriting is always more than just a profession. It's a passion and a personal goal to deliver the most relevant, sensible pieces of writing to organizations that seek intelligence and clarity in their communication. Quantico is the brainchild of Deepa and Arjun.

Located in Singapore at 3 Temasek Avenue, #21–00 Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190, Quantico provides unparalleled pieces of copywriting that always deliver the intelligence of words together with the beauty of expression.

What are Quantico's professional values?

Quantico Copywriting has five core values.
Each is as simple as it is effective. Together they make up the foundation of Quantico.

1. Make copywriting beautiful

2. Simplify - information in formation

3. Take responsibility

4. Engage in perfection

5. Care about people

Quantico's brand identity encapsulates all five core values in its symbol.

What is Quantico's brand identity?

Quantico is a copywriting firm based in Singapore. Quantico's symbol is a Q interposed with a C to mark the initials of the firm's name. The opening of the letter C coincides with the tail of the letter Q to create a harmonious, intelligent fusion of the letters.

The opening in the C - resembling an open mouth - represents the dissemination of information, while the tail of the Q acts as a distiller to allow only the finest pieces of communication to pass through.

The Q is cast in a solid grey symbolizing Quantico copywriters' ability to read between the lines and understand the subtleties and nuances of communication.
The C is set in white to symbolize the purity and credibility of communication — a professional value that is always protected and held safely within the solidness of Quantico's foundations. The Q and the C together form a magnifying glass that signifies the importance of consistent research and knowledge.

Quantico is a copywriting think-tank. Growth of information and acquisition of knowledge empowers the firm to break through thought-obstacles and communication blocks.

The letters are bound by a green box, the proportions of which are solid and soothing, which is the goal of all communication.
The green hue serves a single purpose — to remind Quantico copywriters and Quantico clients of the consistent need to operate within a clean, sustainable environment devoid of destructive practices.

The tail of the Q and the opening of the C point to the 5 o'clock position — a subtle yet critical reference to Quantico's five core values: make copywriting beautiful; simplify; take responsibility; engage in perfection; care about people.

What services does Quantico provide?

Quantico Copywriting provides the entire gamut of copywriting services — from traditional communications such as annual reports, brochures, and taglines — to web, digital, and mobile communication pieces that require strategic keyword implementation, search engine optimization, and content-specific writing. Quantico provides its copywriting services across every industry. Quantico operates across countries. Most of the firm's work comes from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, and Australia. Quantico copywriters have also done work for clients in Europe and Africa. For more information on Quantico's copywriting services, please visit the expertise page of this website.

What is the Quantico Ecosystem?

Quantico Copywriting takes responsibility from beginning to end. Every stage of the copywriting, design, and research work is done by Quantico copywriters, designers, and researchers. Only by taking complete responsibility for the process end-to-end, and overseeing every part of it can great results be achieved. Quantico's work is embedded in this foundation for success. The agency's products always remain untarnished and inspired. At the agency, this foundation is called the Quantico Ecosystem. The system is closed-loop which means there are no external entities that penetrate the system, and no internal work goes beyond the perimeter of the closed loop. By strictly following this system Quantico Copywriting creates pure work that is untouched by the complexities and compromises of outsourcing, sub-leasing, and vendor reallocation. 

I want to work with Quantico.

That's fantastic! Quantico is growing and the team is always keen to add like-minded people to the retinue. Working at Quantico is about being a great communicator who gets very, very excited about copywriting, editing, and promotion.

Self-growth is critical to working at Quantico, and that does not mean stating platitudes about personal exploration.

Quantico belongs to communications people. It's the firm's way of life and the team is proud to communicate that.
The firm is not looking for extroverts. The firm is looking for booming laughter. The firm is not looking for introverts. The firm is looking for little smiles. Quantico has a party twice a year and the entire firm gets together to have a great time — to chat, to read, to sing, to eat, to make merry — that's it. Quantico is looking for people who know how to integrate work with fun.

There are no bosses at Quantico, just project facilitators. Self-management is the only style of management because it goes down very well with all the people here.
Expression is as important as intelligence so bring both to work. Above all, bring whatever motivates you to come to work every day. If that motivation fits with Quantico's evolving culture, you'll feel right at home. If not, come in anyway and convince the firm that your way is better. The team is always up to debate, change, and break the status quo. Because that's what makes Quantico a great place.

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